Variable-Speed AC Compressors in Greeley, CO

Variable-Speed AC Compressors Offer Improved Efficiency

June 30, 2021

Do you have a noisy old air conditioner that’s threatening to quit any day? Replacing that relic before it gives out can prevent sweaty days and nights in a hot house. A cooling system with a variable-speed compressor is a wise investment in your Greeley, CO home. Variable-speed AC systems offer extreme efficiency and exceptional indoor comfort.

Old-School AC Compressors

Your old air conditioner is either working like a dog or sleeping on the job. It rumbles on, blows just enough cool air to satisfy the thermostat, and rumbles back to sleep. When it runs, it runs at full capacity.

Variable-Speed AC Compressors

Variable systems offer ongoing custom cooling. Unlike a one-speed air conditioner, these systems are constantly adjusting output to match temperature conditions in your home.

The variable-speed AC compressor operates anywhere between 20 and 100 percent capacity. If the demand for cool air is low, the system might run at only 25 percent capacity. The long, slow running cycles reduce humidity while constantly filtering indoor air.

Turning On and Off

Any one-speed air conditioner that turns on and off all day takes a heavy beating. They often consume more energy powering on and off than they would if they just stayed on.

When a variable-speed system achieves the desired temperature, it doesn’t turn off. Instead, it reduces its output and runs at a lower capacity. The more you reduce AC operational capacity, the less energy a cool home requires.

The long, slow running times of variable-speed compressors keep indoor temperatures consistent. The constant flow of air eliminates hot spots and stale air. Many homeowners find that they can even raise the thermostat with zero loss of comfort.

A to Z Heating & Cooling is a professional installation services team serving Greeley and beyond. Contact us to learn more about AC installation and tax credits for residential energy efficiency.

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