Whole-Home Ventilator in Greeley, CO

How a Whole-Home Ventilator Can Benefit Your Home

March 30, 2022

You spend more time in your Greeley, CO home than anywhere else. If you’ve already made sure that your home is energy-efficient, it’s also important to consider your home’s indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at how a whole-home ventilator can benefit your home and your comfort and wellness.

Remove Airborne Contaminants

Nearly every activity you do in your home generates some airborne contaminants, explains the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse. Cooking creates droplets and aerosols, and so do many hobbies. These airborne contaminants may trigger allergic reactions or bothersome symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue. Whole-home ventilators remove airborne contaminants and exhaust them to the outdoors. They remove pollen, dander, spores, and other contaminants from indoor air. At the same time, they bring in clean, fresh air, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

Increase Comfort

Whole-home ventilators help maintain a consistent temperature in your home. In the wintertime, a whole-home ventilator with heat or energy recovery features captures nearly all of the heat from the exhaust gases released by your furnace. This helps your home stay warm without using as much energy. These energy-efficient indoor air quality products also reduce temperature swings between heating or cooling cycles. Their ability to balance air intake and exhaust prevents the air in your home from getting stale.

Improve Humidity Control

In the summertime, it’s often the humidity that makes you feel uncomfortable. A whole-home ventilator lowers your home’s humidity level in the summertime and raises it in the wintertime. In the summer months of the year, you’ll feel cooler with a humidity level of around 40%, so you might not have to use your air conditioner as much. In the wintertime, the improved humidity control reduces or even eliminates static electricity.

To learn more about the benefits of whole-home ventilators, take a look at A to Z Heating & Cooling’s indoor air quality products, or contact us today for additional details.

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