Heat Pump Repair in Eaton, CO

4 Signs You Should Schedule Heat Pump Repair in Eaton, CO

February 22, 2023

Homes around Eaton, CO frequently use heat pumps for heating and cooling. However, there comes a time when heat pump repair is necessary as a result of the wear and tear it undergoes after years of use. Here are five indicators that you need to repair your heat pump as soon as possible.

1. Increasing Energy Costs

Energy expenses will rise as inefficient appliances like your heat pump require more energy. Various issues, including refrigerant leaks, faulty coils, and clogged filters, can affect the efficiency of a heat pump. It runs longer cycles and uses more electricity to keep the house comfortable.

2. Strange Noises

Hissing, shrieking, and other jarring noises can indicate a system malfunction. When components of your heat pump begin to wear out and degrade, you might hear banging, pounding, or flapping sounds instead of the usual constant hum. It could be time for you to get in touch with a specialist so they can assist you in identifying the issue and deciding what to do next.

3. Short Cycling

When a heat pump is undergoing short cycles, you’ll notice that it turns on and off quite frequently. If left unchecked, short cycling can be a severe issue that can quickly wear down your heat pump. A broken thermostat or compressor can cause this issue.

4. Old Age

It’s common for a heat pump’s performance to decrease in its later years. The system’s components are more likely to malfunction, making the heat pump unreliable to meet your heating and cooling demands.

Installing a new heat pump gives homeowners in Eaton, CO, control over the indoor climate. Any new system you put in will be far more efficient than the old one. The modern technology also utilized in current systems offers higher energy efficiency levels.

For homes in Eaton, CO, heat pumps provide efficient, convenient heating and cooling. However, putting off maintenance might result in operational troubles and even irreversible breakdowns. Give A to Z Heating & Cooling a call right away if you need to install, repair or maintain heating and cooling systems.

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